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ACG is an international management consulting firm offering high quality and imaginative solutions to an array of management challenges.

The Company has many years of combined management and consulting experience on four continents. Particular experience in Africa means that ACG can offer a profound understanding of the challenges and rewards of working in the region.

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ACG involved with the development of a corruption rating framework. ACG was instrumental in the first phase of the development of a corruption rating framework (at the organisational level) for Malawi. The contract was awarded to ACG by African Institute of Corporate Citizenship who leads on the Business Action Against Corruption Initiative in Malawi.

ACG completes market research for SolarAid ACG completed a market research and feasibility study for SolarAid. The research, funded by TRAID, found that there was an extensive market for the production and sale of solar lanterns, solar radios and, to a lesser extent, solar chargers for mobile phones.

ACG Ltd has completed the first phase of a contract to support the 16 institutions that make up the Body of Case Handling Institutions (BCHI) to develop their Case Management Systems. The BCHI is a main "Access to Justice" Partner of the Danish Institute for Human Rights in Malawi.