What we do

By applying our expertise and technical specialisations, ACG is able to provide results-oriented consulting services in a range of areas including:

  • Organisational Development and Strategic Management

    ACG works with organisations to identify and develop appropriate and sustainable management approaches and strategies. Depending on the needs of the organisation, whether a business, NGO or government body, this can range from the facilitation of strategic planning processes to the development of IT solutions for database, accounting or human resource management applications.

  • Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Resource Management

    ACG helps stakeholders to manage natural resources in an equitable and sustainable way to improve food security and incomes. ACG has experience in critical areas including irrigation, rural livelihoods, renewable energy and waste management.

  • Business Development

    As a dynamic and growing company ACG is aware of the unique challenges faced by the private sector operating in Africa. We can support businesses in a range of areas including strategy and business planning, financial management and organisational development, to achieve targets and drive growth.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

    ACG provides organisations with tailored M&E tools. Our evaluations ensure that organisations internalise lessons learned and that they are able to share best practice.

  • Cash transfer programming - our specialised experience in this cutting-edge, niche sector means that, in both emergency and social protection contexts, ACG is uniquely placed to provide:

    Rapid needs assessment - using statistical and participatory methods

    Market Research - analysing markets to gauge whether they can respond to a cash intervention and, if not, designing communications strategies to encourage markets to respond

    Baseline surveys

    Monitoring and Evaluation - including On-Site and Post Transfer Monitoring, Key Informant Interviews, Focus-Group Discussions and Case Studies

    Project design - including design of cash delivery mechanisms - ACG's experts have been involved in cash transfer programmes using vouchers, bank notes, bank transfers and "smart cards"

    Coordination and management

    Evaluation - including assessment of humanitarian and social impacts as well as financial and performance management

Above all, in all of the technical areas and sectors in which we work, ACG aims to provide ideas and solutions that are contextually sensitive, achievable, and relevant.